Boom Modifications

Along with the traveler installation, the mainsheet now has to attach to the boom farther forwards. The proper way to accomplish this is using a boom bail which is through-bolted. However, with a through-bolt, there is the possibility of compressing the boom. This is solved by use of a compression tube, which is the same thickness as the boom.
In the next photos, you can see the 1/2" hole drilled for the aluminum tube, the tube being held in place visible outside the boom, the tube flush with the boom, and the installed bail.
This is the new mainsheet attached to the boom bail. The bail is positioned slightly aft of the traveler, so the mainsheet is not exactly vertical. This gives a bit more clearance between the mainsheet and the cabin bulkhead, when on a broad reach or a run, and the main is sheeted out very far.
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