With the clutches installed and halyard led inside the mast, the only remaining problem is leading the lines aft to the cockpit.
I led three lines aft on each side, hence I used two Spinlock triple deck organizers. Should I choose to lead more lines later, I can always mount a double-sheave organizer on top of one of the triples.
I used green painter's tape to mark the deck, and play around with various positions of the organizers prior to final installation. I wanted a fair lead from the tabernacle, and also wanted to keep the lines as far inboard as possible, to not clutter the deck with lines underfoot when moving to the foredeck. As such, they are not at the recommended 45-degree angle between the two leads of the lines. However, I'm probably not anywhere near their designed load, so I don't worry about it!
The one bugaboo with the T22 design and installing deck organizers is the wooden beam across the cabintop. It sits underneath the mast step, and is supported by the bulkheads in the cabin. The organizers should be placed aft of this beam, to be able to through-bolt the organizers, and to prevent water ingress into the beam. These photos from in the cabin show the position of the organizers from below:
Several photos of test-fitting the organizers. I've reeved all the lines through the organizers and clutches. Of note are the turning blocks at the tabernacle. These are Ronstan high-load plain blocks, shackled directly to the tabernacle. This keeps them very close to the mast and the deck, to keep the leads as fair as possible. I used stamped steel shackles, as there isn't room between the mast and the tabernable for a forged shackle.
This can also be seen in two of the photos above, looking down on the tabernacle and organizer.
As above, here I am sealing the core with epoxy prior to installation. The third photo shows all the holes sealed, ready for final drilling of the holes and installation / sealing with 4200.

Misc Rigging Photos

Some miscellaneous photos of the rigging setup, and reeving all the lines.
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