Mainsheet Traveler

One of the nicest features of the Tanzer 22 is the huge cockpit. I've had one person ask me if I hold dances there on Saturday nights.
Well, that said, I didn't like having the mainsheet cleat off in the center of the cockpit. I'd heard others talk of installing a traveler across the companionway, so I decided to undertake this project. The traveler is an older Nicro Fico unit, which I acquired as a trade for my old mainsheet tackle.
It is installed about 3 inches back from the bulkhead, with two bolts through each cockpit seat to secure it. On the inside, there are large backing plates for each bolt to spread the load.
In these two photos, you can see the new mainsheet. It's a Harken dual-speed hexaratchet system. If you pull on both ends, it's a 2:1 purchase for light air. If you pull on one end, it's a 4:1 purchase for heavy air. Really neat!
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