For a variety of reasons, I decided to remove and re-bed all the transom hardware. Well, ok... here's the list of reasons:
Here are the "before" pictures from inside the cockpit lockers. There are a few photos of the water-tank support as well. I removed the water tank to clean it at home.
First, photos of the cockpit scuppers, the lower bolts for the rudder gudgeon, and the motor mount. the washers on the motor mount were pulling right into the plywood.
Next, photos of the swim-ladder bolts, upper rudder bolts and the backstay. In the first photo, you can also see the hull number glassed into the inside surface of the transom.
The long vertical strap in the three right photos is the backstay. I don't know why only three of the four holes are used, but it's worked for 18 years, so I'm not going to change it.
Two photos of the water-tank support, as well as the backing plates for the gas-tank locker hinges and pushpit bolts. The last photo shows the bolts for the stern cleat and the front mount of the pushpit.

The After Photos

First, the inside photos. These four photos show the swim ladder, lower rudder gudgeon, and motor mount. The backing plates are 3/8" white polyethylene (what's used in cutting boards). The motor-mount plates are 3" diameter, the swim-ladder ones are 2" diameter, and the rudder ones are rectangular, about 1" larger all around than the wooden blocks on the transom.
And two photos of the swim ladder and upper rudder gudgeon bolts. The first photo also shows the motor mount quite well.
And three photos of the transom, from the outside. A big improvement!
© 2018 Melissa Goudeseune