When I purchased Brave and Crazy, the electrical system was in a similar state as every 22-foot boat I looked at -- a rat's nest. It may have worked, but if something broke, I would be at a loss to repair it. For the trivial cost of replacement wiring, I opted to gut the wiring and do a complete replacement.
Here are photos of the existing electrical panel, the battery tray and the back of the panel:
And a few more photos of the existing state of things. Note that the existing shore-power wiring runs directly from the shore power inlet to the standard outlet with no breaker, fuse, switch, or GFCI. In addition, it was wired using standard exterior-grade solid-core wire, which is not approved for use on boats. The wiring will all be replaced with marine-grade tinned, stranded cable. It will also be run inside conduit to protect it from loose gear in the lockers.

Upgrades completed

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