The mast wiring was also completely replaced, to accomodate a new masthead tricolor navigation light, windex light, steaming light, and the VHF antenna.
The biggest problem to solve was the weight of the wire -- how to prevent the wire from hanging on the electrical connections. I adapted an idea from the recording industry, who use "wire hangers" of steel mesh, that compresses against the wire as the wire pulls down. I used the core of a length of 1/2" double braid polyester line, and threaded the wire down the centre of the line. Then, the tail of the line was tied off to an eye strap inside the mast, at the masthead.
In the fourth photo is the wire tail, where the steaming light taps off, halfway up the mast. For the record, the third photo is my living room, a.k.a. my chandlery.
This is attaching the wires at the masthead and base. The PL-259 connectors are especially "challenging" to install on the thin coax, due to the thickness of the insulation and the snug size of the wire adapter.
And two views inside the cabin: first, the busbar in the v-berth where the mast wires connect to the boat's wiring system, and second, the VHF radio installed just below the starboard rope clutch (using the clutch's mounting bolts).
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